The Characters in My Story

The Whore SecretaryThe woman is 16 years younger than my husband and was promoted by my husband (and my husband’s superior at the time of promotion).  When she took the job as administrative assistant in December 31, 2010, she was given an approximate $20,000 raise.  I believe the percentage increase was something like an  80% pay raise.  Not bad for a government job!

The Whore Secretary was married at the time and was married when she started sleeping with my husband.  She was married for 13 years, I believe this was her 2nd marriage.  My husband helped her put together / reviewed her divorce papers.  She did the divorce papers herself, gave them to her naïve husband to sign.  Her husband thought they were getting back together and had no idea what was going on.  The papers were filed in May 2012 and there was a 30 day waiting period.  All while this was going on, I was finding out about the affair and who she was and who her husband was.

It was quite ironic that her husband worked for the company that I worked for previously.  I friended him on Facebook and he posted in June 2012, that his divorce was final.  I was shocked it happened so quickly as I was then unaware of a 30 day waiting period.  Unfortunately, at that time, I emailed him to tell him the bad news of his now ex-wife was sleeping with my husband.

She is renting a home and now living with my husband who is still married as of  this writing and she still works for my husband !!!

My Husband Referred to as DH and the cheating spouse.

Me – Single for 16 years prior to marrying DH.  Really thought I had it mostly together and now, since I married DH 5 years ago, I feel like I don’t have it together at all.  But, maybe, slowly, day by day, I am getting back to where I used to be.  I can only hope I will get there and the sooner, the better.

The Best Attorney in the County aka Mr. Menopause – That would be DH’s Divorce Attorney.  As a matter of fact, this guy represented DH in divorce #3 against wife #3.  I got to hear how great he was in representing DH in Divorce #3.  Over the years, I referred 4 of my friends/clients to “the best attorney in the county”.  And, get this … on Valentines Day 2012, one of my best girlfriends called me in tears asking if I could help refer her to a divorce attorney, so guess who I referred.

DH and I invited “the best attorney in the county” over to dinner with his wife and we had another couple (a Judge and his wife).  So, DH and I made dinner for 6, drank lots of wine, and entertained these people all evening.  Who would have thought that this guy would be DH’s divorce attorney in a couple of months.  All the while we are having them over to dinner, DH is texting the Whore Secretary all evening !!!!!  What bullshit!

The aka Mr. Menopause came to being because DH deposed me for 5 hours and “the best attorney in the county” actually asked me when I started menopause!!  It’s on the record, everyone.  I think it was about 10 years ago… who the hell really knows when they started menopause.  I certainly don’t.  Mr. Menopause also asked me if I was done with menopause!!  Are you really kidding!  Hence, the “best attorney in the county” now known as Mr. Menopause.


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